Waste to Energy

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) is the process of converting biodegradable waste source into energy, in the form of electricity or heat. WtE is a reliable and renewable

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Resistive Load Banks

A load bank is a stationary or portable piece of equipment that provides an adjustable resistance that can simulate the actual electrical load the generator,

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Other Products and Services

Authorized stockist for L&T switchgear - Electrical Standard Products Dealer of OEM M/S Jakson Generators for KOEL Engines and DG SET

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Welcome !

With more than 25 years background in industrial electrical contracts and diesel generating sets, AES's current focus is Organic Waste-to-Energy. We provide decentralized & sustainable bio-methanation based solutions and EPC services for waste management and renewable energy generation.

Our financial, social, and environmental mission is to bring economical and technologically superior methods and systems to industries, institutes, commercial & agricultural establishments and municipalities so they can utilize their wastes as energy and nutrient sources and prevent these from either becoming wastes or environmental pollutants and thereby replace fossil fuels to the largest extent possible.