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What is a load bank?

A load bank is a stationary or portable piece of equipment that provides an adjustable resistance that can simulate the actual electrical load the generator, UPS or any other electrical equipment is expected to power. This artificial load is intended to accurately mimic the electrical demands of the equipment(s), specific processes within the plant, or an entire facility. The test is performed to check the performance of the equipment to ensure that it would function efficiently, without break-downs when the actual load is used.

Why do you need a load bank?

A load bank is an easy to use and cost effective solution for the following:

  • 1. Testing and maintaining electrical power systems during their installation and erection
  • 2. Prolonging the life and efficiency of generators, UPS and battery systems
  • 3. Avoiding excessive wear and tear of underloaded generators and other energy generation systems (ex: dump load for wind turbines)

What do we offer?

AESPL offers portable, tailor-made and cost effective load banks for various applications with extra safety features. Load banks are provided on rental bases as well as manufactured for specific requirements. A total capacity of upto 7 MW is available with us. Our load banks are being deployed for:

  • 1. Testing gas generating sets
  • 2. Testing diesel generating sets
  • 3. Dump load for wind mills
  • 4. Testing UPS
  • 5. Data centers (heat load) for air conditioners

Features & Advantages

Our load banks can be used for a wide variety of applications. Some of the features that provide us with the edge and make us leaders in the load bank market are listed below.

  • 1. Robustness and portability
  • 2. Cost effectiveness
  • 3. Efficient and quick installation and operation
  • 4. Customized solutions
  • 5. Extra safety features
  • 6. Availability of connecting cables - Aluminium armored cables with safety lugs on both ends makes our load bank system complete.
  • 7. Availability of skilled man power - We provide all resources including trained personnels for carrying out the end to end operations (unloading, assembling, positioning etc of the load bank)

Our load banks come with connecting cables and skilled man power for carrying out the operations. Load bank rental services and manufacturing are two of our core competencies. We have the facilities and provisions for diversifying load bank applications and providing customized testing.

Technical Specification

LOAD BANK RENTAL (Typical for 1000 KW or 1 MW)

CAPACITY OF EACH BANK 210 / 225 Amps at Unity Power Factor

DUTY: Continuous

No. of banks for 1000 KW (1 MW): 7 No’s

RESOLUTION - Load Step: 210 / 225 Amps (150 to 165 KW) & 30 KW

Bill of material

  • 3.5 C x 240 sq mm, Al armored cable – 7 cables of length 23 to 27 meters each, with lugs crimped on both ends
  • Resistive Load Bank with Enclosure – 210 / 225 Amps capacity each
  • 250 Amps SFU – 7 Nos, One for each load bank
  • Clip ON Meter
  • Multi meter
  • Air Dryer / Exhaust Fans

  • Armored cable shall be laid on surface from Main LT panel / DG panel & connected to SFU of Load Bank
  • Load bank shall be kept out in the open. If raining, testing is stopped.
  • 250 Amps SFU – 7 Nos, One for each load bank
  • Each Load Bank size with Enclosure – 2400 L x 600 W x 1350 H mm
  • Minimum 1500 mm distance to be kept between each bank.
  • Total ground area required – 120 to 150 Sq meters (4 to 5 Mts X 30 to 35 Mts approximately)
  • All Cables are provided with suitable aluminum crimped lugs on both ends.
  • Earthing to the load banks are connected through cable armor
  • Suitable arrangements to connect the cables to the DG breaker / MCCB / SFU are to be carried out by the customer.
  • Total time required to assemble and position the banks & cable connections - 2 to 3 Hrs
  • Data centers (heat load) for air conditioners


Please send us your enquiry at ahuja@aespl-india.com with some details about your company and load bank requirements.

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