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Waste-to-Energy (WtE) is the process of converting biodegradable waste source into energy, in the form of electricity or heat. WtE is a reliable and renewable form of energy which is capable of providing significant social and economic benefits.
With increased awareness and technological advancements, WtE plants can be operated in an environmentally sound manner and represent economic assets to individuals, communities and industries.
AES provides advanced technologies and services that support the efficient design, supply and operation of waste-to-energy plants and biogas processes. Environmentally secure, turn-key solutions are provided to industries, commercial set-ups and institutes to process their organic
wastes and replace their EB power, diesel power and LPG consumption.
Poultry Industry
Meat Processing Industry
Dairy Industry
Food Processing Industry
Other industries producing organic wastes
Industries consuming LPG, NG, HSD, Furnace Oil
Hotels, institutes, other urban set-ups
Deployment of Distributed Energy Resources, including renewable energy sources and energy storage systems, is helping utilities meet load demand and become energy independent while reducing emissions.
Possible Utilities of Bio-Gas


Direct Thermal Application at the Place of Generation:
This is the best application of raw biogas or purified biogas as it involves minimal conversion losses.
Capital cost reduction and attractive ROI
Power Generation:
Energy recovery in the form of electricity is one of the most commonly used applications to offset diesel and electricity board costs and increase reliability during power cuts.
 Bio-Gas Purification/Enrichment, Compression and Bottling to form CNG equivalent:
Compressed Bio-Gas (CBG) also called Bio-CNG can be used for heating and cooking applications. It can be used as a vehicular fuel. A Bio-CNG application is financially viable with 2000 cum biogas/day or more..

Project T3 (Trash to Treasure) – Poultry based WtE

Project T3 is our demonstration project at Medak, A.P., which treats poultry waste to generate power and bio-fertilizer. T3 is a proof of concept which highlights the technical and commercial viability of biogas solutions. Processing poultry deep litter, using Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion (high rate biomethanation) for:
Processing poultry litter, using Mesophilic Anaerobic Digestion (high rate biomethanation) to demonstrate:
Waste management in the poultry farms
Energy recovery from methane gas (purified Bio-Gas), in the form of heat or electricity
Organic soil amendments (fertilizers) from solid digestate and liquid co-products
Replacing fossil fuel consumption, thereby promoting use of renewable fuel and cutting considerable cost
The poultry waste fermentation will play a decisive role as the key technology of poultry industry. The profitability of biogas plants will increase considerably. Safe & timely waste disposal and saving energy costs will influence the complete poultry and egg production positively.
The facility will be used as a proof of concept for novel feedstocks, other than poultry waste (agro waste, food waste, MSW etc), producing biogas and digestate materials; It will also be used to assess co-digestion and novel pre and post processing technologies for biogas, digestate and effluent cleanup.
Working with AES, clients can gain valuable information on how an anaerobic digestion plant needsto be configured and on the scale and operational costs involved. Investment can therefore be based upon tangible and proven evidence.
The AES team fully appreciates the practical implications of process development. We realise that processes and equipment have to be consistently reliable and affordable for the client. AES offers organisations and industries an ideal platform to plan, assess and eventually invest in the technology.


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